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Whether it be Metamask, the go-to wallet for crypto veterans or Fortmatic that works with your phone/email, select your preferred wallet from these and more.

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Enter your brand details like name, logo, etc and voila! Your NFT Marketplace is ready to conquer the world!

  • Integrate your favorite Analytics tools
  • Easily connect CRM, Mailchimp, and a lot more
  • Enable KYC for your store with 1 click
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Start selling and growing

Upload your assets, add their details like name, description, etc and mint them with a click. Focus on your brand while we take care of the tech.

  • Create both Non-Fungible (unique) & Semi-Fungible (limited edition) tokens
  • Airdrop millions of tokens in a jiffy
  • Secure your assets and enable NFT based ticketing for viewing them
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Key Features

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Utilise everything NFT offers

Share memorabilia that your fans adore en masse to promote upcoming launches, releases, & events. Choose the right mode of Airdrop for your campaign and boost engagement while creating cherished moments for your users.

Social tokens (often called Fan Tokens) are the medium of exchange in the kingdom of you and your fans. When these limited tokens increase in demand, that in turn increases their value, driving maximum monetary gain for you. Create FOMO within your fanbase and spark exciting competitions (for example, by providing the largest token holder an opportunity to have dinner with you!)

Create buzz & excitement for your projects pre-launch by offering a limited set of initial NFTs. Drive active followers who will increase the value of your project after claiming the NFTs and act as keystones to ensure the long-term growth and sustenance of your community.

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