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Looking for a way to increase your income? Take a step towards the Metaverse and use your assets to establish your brand in a digital first future!

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Digital Artists
Dance Artists
Nida, Lebanese popstar
Raymond, former Mayor
Dmitry, Hip hop dancer

What artists can do on NFTically

  • Mint & create NFT collectibles from your digital art and sell them to buyers worldwide. Our simple and self-explanatory interface empowers you to launch & run your store by yourself.

  • List the NFTs on your Marketplace and gain exposure to a global network of traders, collectors & investors. NFTs minted with NFTically can easily be display on other marketplaces too, increasing your overall exposure.

  • With in-built mechanisms for easy tax filing and maintaining regulatory compliances, you can rest assured of the safety of your name and brand while utilising all the benefits of NFTs.

  • Set royalties and earn forever on all secondary sales. Invite other creators and influencers to your marketplace and earn commissions on the sales they make too!

  • Promote your upcoming releases and events via Airdrops. Create buzz around your projects pre-launch to ensure their success whenever they release.

  • Reflect your identity by using your custom domain name (website url), appearance and store organisation.

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Simple, feature rich platform

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  • Wallet of your choice

    We support multiple wallets. Choose among metaverse favorites like MetaMask, WalletConnect & Fortmatic.

  • Create Your Collection

    Categorize your NFTs & organize your store into genres for your fans to explore.

  • Personalize Your NFTs

    Customize your NFTs with useful information like analytics, ranking, and exclusive & limited drops.

  • List Items for Sale

    Decide if you want to auction your NFTs or sell them at a fixed rate to gain maximum value.

  • Set Up Your Own Store

    Reflect your brand ethos through your customized store name and logo.

  • Add Custom Domain

    Add your own domain name to your NFT store and drive traffic to your brand.

  • Configure SEO Settings

    You can configure meta tags, robot.txt, JSON schema, RSS feed, sitemap and more.

  • Customize UI

    Capture your brand's style in your NFT store with our custom UI feature.

  • KYC Support

    Enable personal information support for individual buyers to comply with your local laws.

  • Flat Currency Support

    Enable your buyers to purchase NFTs directly using VISA and Mastercard.

  • Localization Support

    Access your store in the language and timezone you're comfortable with.

  • Preferred Blockchain

    Select from Ethereum, Polygon & Binance Smartchain to mint and sell your NFTs.

  • Webhooks & APIs

    Webhooks & APIs that smoothly integrate into your native backend system.

  • Integrate Mailchimp etc

    Integrate Mailchimp, SendGrid & more via Integration for promotions.

  • Integrate CRM

    Integrate your own CRM to connect user records of your OG fans.

  • Analytics

    Multiple analytical reports for you to understand the growth of your business.

  • Reporting

    Simplify your tax filing process & profit and loss calculations by buying and selling reports.

  • Training & Support

    Our primary learning center is free & always active. Get all your queries answered.

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