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Last updated on September 21st, 2021

Welcome to the User Privacy Policy of (the “SaaS Platform”). This Privacy Policy is made available to you by NFTICALLY.COM. (“NFTICALLY, “us”, “we”, or “our”). We highly value protection of your Personal Data (as defined below), and our teams are working tirelessly around the clock for its upkeep.  As used herein, the term “User” or “You” (including any variant) refers to each individual user of Services, (the scope of “Services” as defined in our Terms of Use), who enters into these Privacy Policy on such individual’s own behalf or any entity on behalf of which an individual enters into this Privacy Policy. This policy also aims to, provide you an insight on how we collect, use and share your personal and ancillary information in our access (“Personal Data”), and to help you in exercising the rights you have in relation to your Personal Data. Also, this Privacy Policy entails the categories of Personal Data that comes in our access from the usage of our Services.

By using any of the Services, you acknowledge, and agree with this Privacy Policy. In case you do not agree with our Privacy Policy it is highly advisable that you must refrain from any further usage of our Services. To understand how NFTICALLY collects and uses your Personal Data, please read, understand and note the information.

Please Note that NFTICALLY currently does not respond to ‘Do Not Track’ requests. Normally browsers these days come with a setting known as ‘Do Not Track’ which signals to the SaaS Platform that a User chooses or wishes not to be tracked.

In order to meet new requirements or for any other reason, that we deem fit and appropriate, NFTICALLY may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. The user is entirely and solely responsible for staying updated with the new or amended Privacy Policy. We will notify the User of the changes made in the Privacy Policy by uploading the new and amended Privacy Policy at ( The last date this Privacy Policy was updated is mentioned at the top of this page.

1. Information NFTICALLY gathers itself. When you sign up/in our Services or at any other prompted time, basic Personal Data that we may collect from you, includes but would not be limited to, your first, middle, last and maiden name, e-mail and mailing addresses, social media addresses, Contact numbers, addresses of Ethereum or other Blockchain or Crypto assets (“Assets”), login details (Username and password for the SaaS Platform), phone number, unique device ID number, or any other form of data that is ancillary to any of the data mentioned herein.

Note: NFTICALLY DOES NOT collect the private key recovery phrase of your wallet in any manner or form, NFTICALLY informs you to refrain from uploading or mentioning it anywhere.

2. Information provided by the User. NFTICALLY may gather all and/or any information that you knowingly opt to disclose, which may include but would not be limited to:

We may also collect Personal Data at other points in our Service that may or may not state that Personal Data is being collected.

3. List of information NFTICALLY automatically gathers. NFTICALLY may be using tools or technologies that gather or collect information relating to your technological equipment, browsing actions and patterns on its own. This includes but is not limited to information collected by:
4. Children. NFTICALLY does not intend to, and nor does it undertake to collect Personal Data belonging to children below the age of 13. If you are under the age of thirteen (13), please do not attempt to use or register for the Services or send any information about yourself to us, including your name, address, telephone number, a screen or user name that functions as online contact information, a persistent identifier that can be used to recognize a User over time and across different websites or online services, social security number, photograph, video, or audio file, where such file contains a child’s image or voice or email address, Geolocation information sufficient to identify street name and name of a city or town.
5. Users from outside USA. The User(s) who are using the Services from outside the United States of America accept the use, collection and retention of Personal Data as set out in this Privacy Policy, by using the Services. Additionally, there may be less stringent privacy protection policies in effect in other countries from where you are using the services, and your Personal Data may be processed in countries other than where it was collected. By being a user of the Services, you consent to any such transfer of Personal Data.
6. Use of Personal Data. Personal Data that we collect is aimed to be used for your benefit. Accordingly, it may be used in a number of ways:

NFTICALLY may also create anonymised or aggregated data based on the Personal Data collected from its users. However, this data does not contain personal information or contact details of the User such as their name, address, e-mail ID and more. Anonymised or aggregated data is collected to determine and examine the general usage patterns of our Services, which in turn enable us to enhance the content of our Services, improve the experience of our Users and tailoring our Services in general to fit the ever-changing and ever-growing needs of Users.

7. Retention of Personal Data. The Personal Data collected from the Users may be used for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined herein the Privacy Policy, especially for the period in which the User is using the Services. The process of closing your account with NFTICALLY is laid out on the SaaS Platform. You can ask to close your account by contacting us as described above, and we will delete your Personal Data on request. We may, however, retain Personal Data for an additional period as is permitted or required under applicable laws, for legal, tax, or regulatory reasons, or for legitimate and lawful business purposes.
8. Disclosure of Personal Data. Apart from sharing anonymized and aggregated data collected from NFTICALLY’s Users, NFTICALLY will not disclose the Personal Data collected from its Users in ways, other than that laid out below, and as already laid out in this Privacy Policy
9. Accessibility of Personal Data. NFTICALLY allows its Users to have access to, edit and delete their Personal Data for multiple reasons via the SaaS Platform. The Marketing or promotional notifications or related communication sent by us to our Users can also be opted out of at any time the User wishes to as provided on the SaaS Platform (follow the opt-out instructions). The User is asked for the communication of such marketing and promotional material at multiple points, thereby it is advised that the User should be vigilant when accepting the communication of any such material.

Users may also request for the deletion and/or collection of a copy of their Personal Data that NFTICALLY has been collected, subject to this Privacy Policy. For deletion and collection process please visit the SaaS Platform.

10. Third Party Services. Through the Services, Users may encounter links, content, advertising, or references by third parties leading to third-party services. The User is advised to be mindful that when they click and access any of these third-party services, any other entity might collect their Personal Data. Please be aware that we have absolutely no authority over any of these third-party services and cannot be accountable or responsible for what these third-party services might do with the Personal Data that they collect from our Users. The links to third party services are provided for our Users convenience and do not signify in any manner our endorsement of such third parties, their services or content.

NOTE: NFTICALLY has no control or authority over third-party service providers and their respective privacy policies. Third-party service providers may have their own privacy policies available at their respective websites and platforms, which would be applicable to them. Users are strongly advised to visit those websites and platform to read, understand and note those privacy policies before using any of the services they provide.

11. Digital Wallets. Digital Wallets, especially, MetaMask or any other wallets, used by the user, provide us with information, including but not limited to, your Ethereum address and certain other information you choose to share with MetaMask or any other wallets. These third-party companies may supply us with Personal Data. We may add this to the information we have already collected from you via our Service in order to improve it. We do not collect Personal Data automatically, but we may tie the information.
12. KYC Vendors. Huge chunks of Personal Data may be collected by Know Your Customer (KYC) vendors. This collection of Personal Data is for the purposes of complying with the rules and regulations on Anti-money Laundering (AML) and combatting the financing of terrorism (CFT). KYC vendors do not collect this Personal Data without the consent of the user. Nonetheless, the user must be aware that NFTICALLY has no control or authority over the collection, storing or security of Personal Data done by KYC vendors and any Personal Data provided by the User to the KYC vendor is subject to the Privacy Policy of the respective KYC vendor.

NOTE: We highly recommend that each User reads, understands, and notes the privacy policy of the KYC Vendor to which they opt to disclose their Personal Data.

13. Options for Users. Users are provided with multiple choices for the use of Personal Data. Any User that wishes to not use or accept cookies from our Services for any reason may do so by changing the settings of their respective web browser to stop accepting cookies, or to prompt them before accepting. However, this might result in the User not being able to access or use the Services, partly or wholly. Users are advised to look up for the acceptance and rejection of cookies on the help menu provided in their respective web browsers and on the web, too.

NFTICALLY, periodically sends its Users free of cost, opt-in features, newsletters, offers, promotions, contests, and events for marketing and awareness of its Services. At multiple steps during the use of Services, the User is requested or given the option, to choose whether they wish to receive any such communication(s) or not. The User may at any point opt-out of these communication(s) by contacting NFTICALLY, even if they have signed up for them at an earlier stage. Nonetheless, some communication may still be sent to you which includes and is not limited to notices of update to NFTICALLY’s Privacy Policy or Terms.

14. Protection of Data. All reasonable and practical steps are taken by NFTICALLY to ensure the security of your Personal Data. NFTICALLY proudly implements a plethora of safeguards – administrative, technological and physical – to preserve and enhance the security of your Personal Data. NFTICALLY carefully analyses what types of information we need to provide our Services, and we try to limit the information we collect, to only what we really need. Also, wherever we get the chance to we anonymise your Personal Data. However, no means of electronic transmission of information can be one hundred percent secure, whereby we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your Personal Data.
If there are any further questions, queries, concerns or complaints in relation to NFTICALLY’s Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

NOTE: If you choose to visit the Services, your visit and/or any dispute over privacy is subject to this Privacy Policy and our Terms.

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